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18.0. What things do not break the fast?
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  • To eat or drink something unintentionally.
  • A mosquito, fly or any other object going down the throat unintentionally.
  • Water entering the ears.
  • Dust or dirt going down the throat.
  • Swallowing one's own saliva.
  • Taking an injection.
  • Applying of Surma (kohl) into the eyes.
  • Taking a bath to keep cool.
  • Rubbing oil onto the body or hair.
  • To vomit unintentionally.
  • Applying Itr or perfume. It is not permitted to inhale the smoke of Lobaan or incense whilst fasting. It is also not permitted to smoke cigarettes or inhale its smoke.
  • Brushing the teeth without tooth paste or powder e.g. using a Miswaak, etc.A dream which makes Ghusl wajib (necessary) does NOT break the fast.

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